2020 Advent and Christmas

In Light & Darkness

Advent – “Who walks in darkness and has no light, yet trusts in the name of the LORD?”

The season of advent comes when days are short and there is little daylight. This year, it is the hardest and saddest time of the pandemic. Where is God when we can’t see the light? What gifts and wonders does God give us in the dark as we await the dawn?

In the 4 weeks of Advent we will explore:

  • Week 1 (11/29): In darkness and light
  • Week 2 (12/6): Those who dream
  • Week 3 (12/13): Looking into the night sky
  • Week 4 (12/20): Miracles in the dark

Join in virtual worship

  • Sundays at 10 am for the Service of the Word
  • Wednesdays at 7 pm for Holden Evening Prayer

Spend time each day in prayer or reflection

Each Sunday of Advent everyone on the Immanuel email list will receive 2 options for Daily Devotions for the week. One version is for children and their families. One version, written by Immanuel members, is for any and all ages. (If you receive News and Notes by mail, you will receive the devotions by mail as well.) 

Light candles each week

Each Sunday during worship, a household will livestream the lighting of an Advent wreath. You’re encouraged to do this at home, too. No Advent wreath? Any four candles will do. Click HERE for a Pinterest board with ideas.

Christmas “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”

We all want to be together this Christmas, singing hymns, hearing the word and lighting candles. And we will. Just not in the sanctuary. We will gather together via Zoom webinar from our homes. You can worship with us live or choose a time later in the evening. Think about how you will create a space for Christmas Eve worship at home—whether it’s lighting lots of candles in a darkened space or setting up a nativity set on your table. Whatever you do, make it special and make it your own. Then join in worship at ilcsp.org/worship_with_us_online. And be sure to have a candle to light as we sing “Silent Night”!

3 pm: Live streamed worship for children and their families – The Christmas story will come alive through images and narration by Immanuel children

4:30 pm: Live streamed worship – Lessons and Carols

7 pm and after: Recorded version of Lessons and Carols will be available on the website

Christmas Day: The St. Paul Area Synod is offering a Christmas Day service streamed at 9AM. You can find the service HERE