Capital Campaign


The campaign goal is $500,000. The goal is to raise $500,000 over three years to make payments on Immanuel’s building renovation mortgage. This goal was arrived at with the help of a consultant and approved by Immanuel’s Council.

All contributions will be used for mortgage payments. Funds raised in excess of mortgage payments will be paid toward the principle.

The Capital Campaign Team started planning in January and members are asked to make their campaign commitments on or before March 24th. The capital campaign will pay on the mortgage from May 2019 and through April 2022.

Yes. Giving to the general fund pays for staff, programs, and building maintenance. It is important members do not reduce their regular giving in order to give to the capital campaign.

You are invited to pray, review campaign material, visit with the Capital Campaign Team and, if an option, your financial advisor. This prayer and giving tables are provided to assist in your decision.  Gifts of all sizes are needed and valued!

In 2004 the congregation undertook a building renovation project to create a new entrance and new gathering, office, and learning spaces. An initial capital campaign raised $750,000 to begin the building project. In 2007 the congregation committed to a $1.8 million mortgage to cover the remaining cost. Four subsequent capital campaigns have allowed us to substantially pay down this debt. The current capital campaign ends April 30, 2019 and is on target to meet its goal.

No, at the completion of this campaign $300,000 will remain on the mortgage. The final payment is scheduled for January 2026. However, if the goal of $500,000 is exceeded, the size of the final capital campaign can be reduced or possibly eliminated. (As of January 1, 2019 Immanuel owed $773,483, on which 3.58% interest is being paid.)

That would be wonderful and the Capital Campaign Team and consultant considered it. However, it would require raising $800,000 in one campaign. Considering previous campaign totals, and the need to continue strong giving to the general fund, the team decided on this $500,000 campaign plus one more final smaller capital campaign starting May 1, 2022.

Commitments can be made by returning completed commitment cards to church, making a commitment at, or by e-mailing Parish Administrator Russ Carlson at Commitments are asked to be made on or before Capital Campaign Commitment Sunday on March 24th.