The campaign goal is $500,000. This is the amount approved by our Council and considered an attainable goal by an experienced capital campaign consultant.

All gifts given to the campaign will be used for mortgage payments. If we raise gifts beyond the cost of the mortgage for 3 years, any additional funds will be paid toward the principal of the mortgage.

The leadership phase began in January 2019. The campaign will be officially launched on March 6 and culminate with Commitment Sunday on March 24. Gifts will be received over a 3-year period beginning May 2019 through April 2022.

In 2004, the congregation decided that ministry in the new millennium required updated spaces, specifically, spaces to gather and learn. By enclosing a courtyard and updating office and learning rooms, we were able to create space for new ministries. An initial campaign raised $750,000 toward the project. In 2007, we committed to a 1.8 million dollar mortgage. Four subsequent campaigns have allowed us to continue to pay off our debt.

Yes. We are scheduled to make our final payment in January of 2026. However, if this campaign is successful, we can reduce the principal of the mortgage and pay it off more quickly. Also, if we are successful, the next campaign will have a smaller goal.

As of January 1, 2019, we owed $773,483.

The campaign leaders and consultant considered this. However, it would require raising just over $800,000 in one campaign. Considering previous campaign totals, and the need to continue strong giving to the general fund, the leaders decided to aim for this campaign plus one smaller campaign in 2022.

Our $500,000 goal is based on the full participation of our members. Additional gifts are welcome from friends and sons and daughters of Immanuel. If there are people you would like to invite to give, please contact a member of the Campaign Team.

Yes, your capital campaign giving is a separate commitment that is above and beyond your generous and regular financial support for Christ’s ministry through Immanuel.

We invite you to pray, read the campaign materials, talk with the Campaign Team and Pastor, and, if feasible, consult your financial advisor. There are many ways to give using your assets (rather than cash on hand) which our campaign consultant can help you understand. Gifts of all sizes are needed and appreciated. See How to Give for more information.

You can pledge HERE at any time. We will pray for God's blessing on all gifts and pledges during worship on Sunday, March 24. Gifts and pledge payments are intended for a period from May 2019 – April 2022.