Vision-focused Ministry

On Sunday, Sept 23, leaders from the Church Council presented a draft of a new way to organize our work that will keep the council (vision board) focused on what God is calling us to do within and beyond our walls.

The council as structured today is often reactive – reviewing the recent past and planning the immediate future.

We want to focus on the bigger picture and whether the ILC mission – to grow in Christ, live in grace, and serve in love – is being met.


Sept 23 presentation about the vision process – with accompanying PDF



The new ILC organizational model is based on Policy Governance, which organizes leadership into two main groups; a Governance group and a Ministry group. Governance is focused on the “ends”, which can be summed up with this question: What difference will we make, and for whom? Ministry is focused on the “means”, which are driven by this question: How will Immanuel accomplish its mission? Any decisions that are not “ends” decisions will be considered “means” decisions, and thus lie with the Ministry group.

Glossary of Terms

Draft of Ministry Statement

Additional Resources


As we continue to work on our structure, we will also begin to think about the vision we will follow. (We can’t focus on a vision if we don’t know what it is!)

One way is through a questionnaire from the ELCA. This was administered Oct. 14 and can be requested from Pastor Cindy.

Another way is to share your thoughts with our council president, Joe Dufresne.

Open Questions