Immanuel’s Music and Arts Camp

Theme art created by Naomi Quimby

August 9-13, 2021

9 am – 3:15 pm daily

Open to children who have completed kindergarten-8th grade.

Only $175 for the week ($125 each additional child)! Financial assistance is available. See brochure for more information about scholarships.

Registration is risk free. If we have to cancel due to unsafe COVID-19 conditions, 100% of tuition payments will be refunded.

Immanuel’s Music and Arts Camp is a summer day camp where faith and creativity connect in a God-centered environment. The camp’s mission is to offer children the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of visual and performing arts. Each elective is taught by highly qualified teachers who engage the youth in exciting and fun ways. 

Camp might look a little different than in years past as we take safety measures against the spread of COVID-19.
View FAQ about our current plans

Meet our 2021 staff

Chris Cherwien, camp director and Choir Time leader

Chris Cherwien has been a church musician for over 38 years serving congregations in Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia. In all three cities, Chris founded/co-founded summer music and arts camps for children and youth. She is currently the Director of Worship and Music at Immanuel Lutheran Church in St. Paul, Minnesota, and has been the alto section leader for the National Lutheran Choir since 2012. Chris and her husband, Paul, have three grown children and four grandchildren. 

Image of a woman in a foam visor

Ellen Ferrari, Art for All teacher

Ellen Ferrari has been inspiring the youngest artists for more than thirty years. She received her BA in studio art and education from Carlton College, followed by graduate study at the University of Minnesota. Ellen offers occasional classes at ArtStart/ArtScraps and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA).

Cindy Bullock, Daily Devo leader

Image of Naomi Quimby

Naomi Quimby, Pen & Ink teacher

Naomi Quimby has a BA in art from Gustavus Adolphus College and an MA in Art History from University of Pennsylvania. Naomi likes to teach a mix of basic art techniques while encouraging independent creative thought – all while sneaking a bit of art history.

Emily Conroy

Emily Conroy, Photography teacher

Emily Conroy is the CEO of St. Paul-based nonprofit World Encounter and owner of Love & Cupcakes LLC. Emily is an experienced educator with 4-H and other organizations. This will be Emily’s second year teaching at the camp. Websites: and

Image of Chiaki O'Brien

Chiaki O’Brien, SAORI/Japanese Weaving teacher

Weaver Chiaki O’Brien is a Japanese-born expert on the SAORI weaving style. According to her website, SAORI has four slogans: • Consider the differences between machines and people • Weave with a Happy Heart • Explore with all your might • Learn together as a group

Sumunar logo

Joko Sutrisno, Gamelan teacher

Joko Sutrisno, Sumunar’s artistic and music director, is an accomplished Javanese gamelan performer, composer, and educator. He conducts a wide variety of classes, workshops, and residencies for students from K-college.

Darin Riedel, Handbells teacher

Corrine Schuster, Clay Creations teacher

Corrine Schuster is an art educator at Maxfield Elementary in the St. Paul Public Schools. She also teaches a variety of community education classes for both children and adults.

COVID questions

1. Will my kids be with the same group/cohort throughout their day or moving around and interacting with all camp kids? If so, how many kids per group? Note: This has changed. We will keep age groups together, with a 20-child maximum per age grouping. Our current guidelines allow us to all gather in the sanctuary (up to 100 people) for opening and closing chapels.    

2. Will masks be required? If so, will there be breaks to remove masks? When/where? Yes, masks will be required. Breaks will be taken during the lunch period and other times as allow by Department of Health Guidelines.  

3. Is there any kind of screening that will take place each day as kids are dropped off?  A list of screening questions will be asked when the children sign in each day. 

4. What if anything will camp staff/instructors be doing to ensure distancing between students and compliance with mask wearing? We will have spacing in all classrooms.  Mask wearing is required, and our staff will be instructed to ensure each student complies.  If your child has a health condition that prevents mask wearing, please let the staff know.  

5. Will kids be sharing musical instruments, equipment, or other supplies throughout the day?  We will have a team that will sanitize after each class. The children will be sharing the gamelan instruments and looms for Japanese weaving.   

6. How will lunch occur? Snacks? Drinking fountain available for use? Children will bring their own lunches and place them in a bin that is designated for each cohort. Individually wrapped snacks will be provided.  Children should bring their own water bottles each day and call fill them from provided water coolers.  

7. Will classes be held outside? Some of the classes, lunch and mid-day break may be held outside if weather permits. Our building’s air exchange system has been recently upgraded.    

8.  Will singing be a part of camp this year? Yes, at this time, we plan to sing with masks on. If guidelines, Choir Time will be modified.