Growing a Child’s Prayer Life

Teaching children to pray seems simple, right? Recite at bedtime, recite at meals, recite at church …

But it’s important for parents to teach their children to pray anytime, in any situation. Children can learn that prayer is a conversation with God and a time to open themselves to hear God’s message for them.

This resource has ideas for families addressing 3 stages of prayer life:

Your children may be at different stages, so use whichever fits them best.

Family Prayer Ideas & Resources


For younger children

Stop & pray whenever it feels right: Dear God, Thank you for the sunshine! Jesus, please comfort that person having car trouble; Dear Lord, please forgive me for saying unkind words; etc.

Have children fill in the blanks in a prayer you lead: Eg. Dear Jesus, Thank you for giving us ___ today. We love the gifts you give! Help ___ live in your way. Amen.

For an older child & parents

ELCA Prayer Ventures – A prayer for each day of the month


For younger children

10 Ways to Pray with Kids

For an older child & parents

Start a prayer journal or prayer list to keep track of people and situations to pray for


Praying in Color video – Turning doodles into conversation, with Sybil MacBeth