Posted on: September 24, 2017

500th Anniversary of the Reformation – October 29th

In 1517 Martin Luther posted his treatise, “On the Freedom of a Christian”, on the church door in Wittenberg.  The Reformation begun by Luther did not abandon the theological, sacramental, and liturgical traditions of the church.  It sought to reform them so that the gospel would shine through all the church does.

Since the beginning of the Lutheran Reformation to this day, there have been twenty-six thousand Sundays to proclaim the gospel and share in the gracious presence of Christ in the communion meal. How many souls have heard the good news because of what happened 500 years ago?  How many hearts have been transformed?

Celebrate the impact of the Lutheran Reformation on real lives of ordinary people over time and place through word and sacrament.  Brass, bells and choirs will lead our worship at both 8:00 & 10:30.