Posted on: November 3, 2020

Advent: “In Light and Darkness”

In a few weeks, we will begin the season of advent, when we set aside four Sundays to prepare for the coming of Christ into our lives and world at Christmas.

This year our theme for Advent is “In Light and Darkness.” During this season we experience some of the year’s darkest days. What do darkness and light have to offer us? Often people imagine that light means “good” and dark means “bad.” But is that really true? Both day and night have gifts to give. With the help of Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, “Learning to Walk in the Dark,” and resources from Illustrated Ministry, we will reflect on how both light and darkness exist together and give meaning to each other.Image of sun peeking over horizon with words overlaid

Devotions/reflections for Advent:

We will offer two different types of reflections, centering on the weekly themes, “The Darkness did not Overcome,” “Vision in the Night,” “Overwhelming Light,” “Readjusting to the Dark” and “The Light has Entered the World.”

For households with children: Each Sunday you will receive a weekly reflection with scripture, discussion and prayer. You will also receive six short (5-minute) daily activities to reinforce the theme for the week.

For households without children: Each Sunday you will receive a weekly reflection with scripture, questions and prayer. You will also receive 6 scriptures and prayers based on the theme so you can read one each day.

Links to all devotions will be emailed at the beginning of each week. You don’t need to sign up separately. If you would like a printed version, please contact the church office and it will be mailed to you.

Worship during Advent:

We won’t be in the sanctuary this year, lighting Advent candles and building our nativity scene. So, we are asking each household to find four candles. They don’t have to be in a wreath, or circle. They don’t have to be blue. And they don’t even have to match! Just find 4 candles and bring them to the space you worship in on Sunday, so as a candle is lighted during worship in Advent, you can light a candle, too.

Looking ahead to Christmas: 

This will be the first Christmas Eve in anyone’s memory that we will not be able to worship in our sanctuary. But we are planning new ways to worship the newborn savior! Watch for information in the December messenger about times for worship on Christmas Eve.