Posted on: June 27, 2020

Everyday Faith

The Parables of Jesus

Jesus told stories about everyday things: seeds and coins, fathers and sons, builders and merchants. By using parable stories, Jesus helps us see God in the everyday. During the month of July, we’ll look at 4 of Jesus’ parables that describe God’s reign. Who knew there was a sermon in your backyard?

For worship in July, we need your help. We’re looking for stories or pictures of 4 everyday things or activities (see below). You can record a short (the operative word is SHORT) story as video or audio and/or take a picture. Then just email them to Pastor Cindy. If you don’t have internet access, call Pastor Cindy or Chris Cherwien. We can help you record a story or scan a picture.

  • Stories of the garden or farm (due by – 7/1) – send us stories of growing up on the farm, or things you’ve planted in your garden. Do you have a picture of a flower that you love? Any advice about planting?
  • What’s in your backyard? (due by 7/8) – What happens in your yard? Do you see birds or squirrels or other creatures? Is there a story about a summertime event in your yard? With pictures and stories, invite us to your back yard.
  • Adventures in baking (due by 7/15) – Have you produced the perfect sourdough loaf? A cake that is memorable? Or, have you had a kitchen disaster? (Yes, we all have them!) Send us your pictures, stories and advice about baking.
  • Fish stories and time at the lake (due by 7/22) – Do you remember catching your first fish? (or cleaning or eating it?) Do you have an adventure to share about a fishing trip? Or maybe just a picture of quiet time at the lake

The stories/pictures will be used during worship in July. If you have questions, contact Pastor Cindy or Chris Cherwien.