Posted on: April 23, 2021

How to help homeless youth

In our worship slideshow on April 18, we highlighted the work Lutheran Social Services is doing to help youth experiencing homelessness. LSS has several outreach programs that provide customized support: Safe House is designed for emergency, short-term shelter; Rezek House allows for longer stays; LifeHaven supports new moms; and StreetWorks reaches unsheltered youths.

You can help in several ways:


  • Provide in-kind donations. Click on the program for most-needed items. Safe House, Rezek House, LifeHaven, StreetWorks
  • Donate financially to LSS homeless youth programs HERE.
  • Attend the annual benefit luncheon at noon on May 18. This event, virtual this year, always offers powerful testimony about the impacts of LSS outreach. You can register HERE.
  • Provide meals for Safe House. Contact Pastor Cindy for details.