Posted on: February 2, 2021

JCART events for February into March

The four neighborhood churches of JCART (Joint Church Antiracism Team) invite you to participate in two coming opportunities to learn more about Native Americans.

“Rez Road 2000” from The History Theatre
The History Theatre is presenting an online one-person production* of “Rez Road 2000” from February 22 – March 7. It is written and performed by Jim Northrup, an Anishinaabe storyteller. With humor and biting wit, Jim takes on the “cultural clash” that makes up the American and Native American landscape. Click HERE to read more.

JCART has purchased a group ticket to the event, making it free to all who register through THIS LINK. We will send you the event link on or around February 20. The performance can be watched anytime during the run of the play, as many times as you wish. The streaming production run time is 110 minutes.

We will also provide an opportunity for small-group discussion on “Rez Road 2000” on Sunday, March 7, at 4–5 pm on Zoom. You can sign up for the discussion at the same time as you register for the performance.
* Performance contains strong language.

Book study group during Lent
JCART is organizing a small-group study, listening to the voices of Native peoples. The small groups will use a curriculum resource called On This Spirit Walk. The commitment would be to meet with the same small group (4 to 6 individuals) 4 times during March and April. There would be self study and reflection required to prepare for each session.

If you are interested, register HERE, and JCART will contact you to create groups and coordinate times.