Posted on: December 30, 2019

Join Us for Adult Forum

Sundays, 9:20-10:15(ish) am, East Lounge

January 5, 2020 – No Adult Forum

Getting Ready for 2020:

January 12: – A lot is happening internally at Immanuel.  We are experimenting with a new structure for leadership and ministry, and we are in the midst of a yearlong visioning/strategic planning process.  Come get caught up on what is happening.  (And see how you can help this winter as we listen to the needs of our neighbors.)

January 19:  Funding for Ministry – Our incredible Finance Team will present the budget for 2020, explain the details and talk about how we will fund our ministry in 2020.  Bring some questions!

Being a Church in a Divided Country

January 26: “How Lutherans Are Perfectly Suited to Strengthen Democracy: Being Church in a Time Like This.”  Lois Malcolm, Professor and Chair for Systematic Theology at Luther Seminary, will be offering thoughts on how we can be differently in this world in a time of deep divisions.

February 3: “Truth, Polarization and Politics in Faith Communities”. Can American history guide people of faith to when responding to the unprecedented moral/ political crisis that confronts us today?  Can examples from the past suggest how best to distinguish truth from falsehood, misinformation from misrepresentation and disagreement from polarization? Which bedrock convictions and values have proven over time that they sustain unity within faith communities? Which have done the opposite? How might we better discern the difference between them?  Jim Stewart, retired professor of history from Macalester College, will guide us.