Posted on: December 30, 2017

New in Adult Faith Formation

This past fall, a survey revealed what members of Immanuel hope for in faith formation programming:

  • opportunities to learn more about scripture and how it relates to everyday life
  • opportunities to discern our meaning and purpose in the world
  • learn how to best live out faith in today’s culture

With this in mind, there are two new offerings for 2018:

Engage the Bible:

You’re smart, you’re faithful… but the Bible is confusing, and it seems to be talking about a world that is no more. Come join the conversation about how the bible connects to the real world. Each week, this group will look at a well-known Bible Story and explore how it is relevant in in the world today. Each week will be independent, so come as you can and join the learning. This class will be discussion based, and lead by members of Immanuel. (We are looking for individuals who are willing to lead one or more discussions. – Let Pastor Cindy know if you are interested.)

Dive Deep:

This group is intended for those who want a more intensive study in a small group setting. The groups will use the book, “Deepening Faith” as a guide to learning. Over eight weeks, each participant will consider their own faith story and hear the faith stories of other members in the group. The participant’s book serves as a guide for developing your faith story, and learning how to listen to others. This group will meet in the West Lounge. Please sign up in the notebook in the Gathering Space if you are interested so we can prepare materials for you.