Posted on: May 18, 2017

Pastor Cindy’s Sabbatical

This Summer Pastor Cindy will be on Sabbatical from May 22 – August 22.

The Sabbatical Theme is “Stirring Up the Spirit,” based on 2 Timothy 1:6-7. Sabbatical is not only for rest, but renewal as well. It is a time to invite the Spirit to stir within – Pastor Cindy hopes to bring back fresh ideas and a new sense of where God is calling us all in the future.

While she is gone, Pastor Sam Wolfe will be the interim pastor. Give him a call to say hi!

Sabbatical is not just for Pastor Cindy. Summer is a time when the rhythm of life changes.  It is also a good season for renewing faith by noticing God’s presence in the everyday and learning or deepening faith practices.

The Sabbatical Website is a way to participate in the sabbatical. Pastor Cindy will be in the Holy Land June 3-17, touring and speaking with church leaders. She will post pictures and reflections that you can follow.

You can also stir up the Spirit! Since water reminds us of our baptismal identity, stir up the waters, and take a picture. You are invited to upload a water picture from the lake, pool, ocean (water fountain?). There are instructions here for uploading.

There are also resources for discovering new faith practices during the summer. Give one a try!

Frequently Asked Questions or “Who to Call”  can be found here