Posted on: June 1, 2020

Serving Our Neighbors

After rioting and in the midst of protest and pandemic, neighborhoods in the Twin Cities are trying to rebuild and keep going.  This will be a long summer with much work to be done, both to help neighbors rebuild and to help the cities become a more just and loving community.  There is work for everyone here.

Here are some initial opportunities. Watch for more ways to offer emergency care and work for justice this summer.

A few ways you can help:


Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, just off of Lake Street, is receiving/distributing donations on Wednesdays and Fridays.  They need volunteers from 10 am to 2 pm those days. Check HERE for volunteer information and sign-up.

Donate Food or Household Goods:

Bethlehem Lutheran in-the-Midway is occasionally collecting donations to support other sites. Check their Facebook page for the latest information.

Holy Trinity Lutheran is still receiving donations.  See HERE for a list of what they are accepting.

Twin Cities Mutual Aid Project has an up-to-date map showing current donation drives/distribution points around the metro. Check HERE to locate sites accepting donations.

Financial Donations:

Both churches are receiving donations:

Bethlehem:  You can give at their website,

Holy Trinity: You can give at their website, — (choose “other” in the fund designation options, and type in the word “justice.” 100% of gifts will be used to help meet community needs)

Community groups accepting financial donations:

Neighbors United Funding Collaborative, sponsored by the Hamline Midway Coalition, is raising money to help businesses rebuild in Saint Paul.

The Lake Street Council in Minneapolis is collecting donations to support small businesses and nonprofits that need to rebuild.