Posted on: September 5, 2017

We’re Going on a Journey!

On Rally Day, Sunday September 17, we’re going on a journey. We will have some fun thinking about exciting travels and beautiful destinations. We‟ll muse a bit about tools for the journey and how we get from here to there.

More than ever, the people of God are on a journey in these days. Social scientists tell us we are in a period of “disruption” — a time when structures, organizations and ways of creating meaning are all rapidly changing. A world structured by the industrial revolution no longer serves a world with a global economy, instant communication and the ability for more people to collaborate than ever before. We, like the slaves leaving Egypt or the disciples leaving their boats are journeying into the unknown. What structures will be most effective in this new world? What forms of communication? How will we work together? How will we celebrate uniqueness? And, most especially, how will we live out the good news of Jesus Christ in this new world? What will the people of God become?

The hope for Immanuel this year is that we can get out of “But we’ve always done….” thinking, and have small experiments with things that might be even better.

We’re going on a journey! The whole world is on a journey of change and growth. As God’s people, we are always on a journey to discover the ways the Holy Spirit is leading us into the future. I look forward to travelling with you this year!