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News and Notes January 7, 2018


Take the opportunity to begin and end your day in prayer, remaining attentive to God’s gifts in your life.

Living God, maker of light, thank you for the gift of this day. Let me be a light in your world so that people will look at me and seevthe goodness of your creation; in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Living God, maker of light, thank you for the gift of this night. Let me be at peace in your presence so that I may rest, be restored, and arise to praise your glory; in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Reprinted by permission of Westminster John Knox Press from Feasting on the Word® Worship Companion, Copyright 2012.

TODAY IMMANUEL WELCOMES Deanna, David, Annie, Grace and Grant Hesse; AnnaMaria, Sam, Joseph, and Jacob Gaylord; Laura, Jack and Maggie Walter; and Martha Hansen as new members.

2018 OFFERING ENVELOPES can be found under the bulletin board.  Thank you if you have already taken your envelopes.  Remember, if you give via Simply Giving, you will not have a set of envelopes to pick up.  It costs nearly $3 to send the envelopes to you, so please do pick yours up  Thanks!

CHRIST IN OUR HOME devotionals for January, February and March can be found on the bookshelves under the bulletin board.



Engage the Bible:
You’re smart, you’re faithful… but the Bible is confusing, and it seems to be talking about a world that is no more. Come join the conversation about how the bible connects to the real world. Each week, this group will take a look at a well-known Bible Story and explore how it is relevant in in the world today.  Each week will be independent, so come as you can and join the learning. This class will be discussion based, and lead by members of Immanuel. (We are looking for individuals who are willing to lead one or more discussions. – Let Pastor Cindy know if you are interested.)

Dive Deep:  This group is intended for those who want a more intensive study in a small group setting. The groups will use the book, “Deepening Faith” as a guide to learning. Over eight weeks, each participant will consider their own faith story and hear the faith stories of other members in the group. The participant’s book serves as a guide for developing your faith story, and learning how to listen to others. This group will meet in the West Lounge. Please sign up in the notebook in the Gathering Space if you are interested so we can prepare materials for you.

Wednesday, January 10th, 6:30 pm
Care team meets on the 10th on the lower level. If you have concerns or questions to bring to the Care Team, contact Jane Tripple.

Sunday, January 14
This year for Global Mission Sunday we welcome back Pastor Nordphrey Mlangali.   Pastor Mlangali is from Tanzania and has been an ordained Lutheran pastor since 2007. He is pursuing an M.A. degree in Congregational Mission and Leadership at Luther Seminary.  We had a marvelous time with him last year and look forward to hearing from him again.

Come to hear Pastor Mlangali and participate in a global worship service. On that Sunday, we will also receive two offerings, our regular offering to support ministry at Immanuel, and a second offering to support ministry in Tanzania and in Guatemala.

There will be an opportunity that day to purchase global fair trade items between services.

Sunday, January 14th, 11:45 am, lunch will be provided
Christine Danielson, speaker

Dismantling Systemic Racism Conference – Breaking the Silence
Silence colludes with systemic racism.  It is time to join in community to break the silence.  Come hear, discuss, and sit in discomfort around the ideas of systemic racism in America.  Christine Danielson attended a two-day conference on Dismantling Systemic Racism in November and is eager to invite you into community as we struggle to interrupt racism in our own lives.


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Breakfast

Monday, January 15th, 7 – 9:30 am
Cost is $5. 12 and under are free

Macalester College is a host simulcast site for the 28th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Breakfast, sponsored by the General Mills Foundation, The United Negro College Fund (UNCF), and Interfaith Action of Greater Saint Paul. This breakfast is an opportunity to celebrate Dr. King’s legacy of service and be inspired to live out his dream today in our homes, the community, and throughout the world.

The simulcast of the live event will be held in Kagin Commons, Alexander G. Hill Ballroom. This breakfast celebration is free, and an RSVP is required to attend. For information on how to RSVP, please contact Jason Jackson at jasonjackson@macalester.edu, before January 8th.
This year’s keynote speaker David Oyelowo (pronounced “oh-yellow-oh”), a British-Nigerian actor and producer will address the theme of Building Bridges for a Bold Dream.

Here is another location you could attend: 
Summit-University St. Paul Register Now
Mount Olivet Baptist Church
451 Central Ave W, St. Paul, MN 55103

Jan. 21st & 28th, 9:30 – 10:15 am
Communion class is offered for all grades each year for 2 weeks. These classes are for everyone, whether your child has already begun receiving communion, is preparing to receive 1st communion or is waiting to receive until a later age. Carl Johnson will be leading our 3rd & 4th Graders as they explore what communion can mean in the Lower Commons on Jan. 21st & 28th. Parents should plan to join us for the last 10 minutes of class.

Immanuel’s Cantorei Choir will be spending Saturday morning, January 27th, with the National Lutheran Choir and other singers from around the state with Dr. David Cherwien. The National Lutheran Choir, as part of its mission to support church musicians, offers this program in which choirs learn music and work on choral technique with a clinician. David has been the Artistic Director of the National Lutheran Choir since 2002. The Cantorei will be singing the anthems that they work on with David in worship at Immanuel.

January 28th, 11:45am
The Annual Congregational meeting will be on Sunday, January 28th, after the second service (about 11:45 am).  It will begin with lunch then we will look back at 2017 and forward to 2018.  All reports for the meeting must be turned in to Russ before January 14th.

This year we’re making a change to the agenda! Because the financial reports take time to understand and need time for reflection, they will be offered one week in advance. On Sunday, January 21st, at 9:15, the treasurer and finance chair will provide a detailed report of the church’s finances.  If you have questions about 2017 or 2018 finances, or would like to have input to the 2018 budget, be sure to attend the meeting on the 21st.  At the annual meeting there will only be brief comments by the finance chair and a vote to approve the budget.

The annual meeting will include a slideshow of events at Immanuel in 2017.  Do you have pictures of things that happened during the year?  Do you have stories of ministry and faithfulness to the gospel?  If so, talk with Pastor Cindy – we’d love to tell the story!!

Calling all current 8th graders- current seniors! Immanuel Lutheran Church has a great opportunity to offer you for the summer of 2018. The ELCA youth gathering in Houston, TX is coming. It will be held June 26-July 1. The cost is $500 but this can offset by working fundraisers throughout the year and earning money in your youth account. Please turn in registration and deposit to Michelle Stillwell by January 15.
What is the Youth Gathering? It is a national youth event that the ELCA hosts only every 3 years. It moves to different cities around the country. It is a chance to hang out with 30,000 other Lutheran high schoolers, hear great speaker, listen to bands and get to know a new city. Questions?  Contact Michelle Stillwell at Mstillwell@ilcsp.org.

Community Events

None this week.

Other Activities

1-8          Grace Circle (9:30 am), IMAC (4:30 pm), Scouts (6:30 pm), Troop 90 Parent Meeting (7 pm)
1-9         Staff Meeting (9:30 am), Executive Committee (6:30 pm)
1-10       Messenger Deadline, Middle C’s (4:30 pm), Choristers (5:15 pm), Supper (6 pm), Kid’s Town (6:15 pm), Kid’s Clubhouse (6:30 pm), Confirmation (6:45 pm), Jubilate Ringers (6:45 pm), Cantorei (7:45 pm)
1-11       Improvers (9 am)
1-13       Men’s Breakfast (8:am)
1-14       Global Mission Sunday, Worship (8 and 10:30 am), Fellowship (9:15 am), SERRV Sale between services, Sunday School (9:15 pm), Bible Study (9:20 pm), Journey to Justice (11:45 am), Knitting for Warmth (2 pm)

Remember in Prayer

We lift in prayer: Craig Fohrenkamm, Michael Thorson, Don Anderson, Nilla Osten, Ken Fick, Mary Fashner, Kitty Larson, Russ Carlson, Pastor John Lohre, Nathan Lee, Ellie Czeck, and our partner congregations: Mkimbizi Lutheran Church of Tanzania and Revelation Christian Center International.

IMMANUEL MOURNS the death of Tsup Yee Wong and keeps the family in prayer.

ALTAR FLOWERS are given in honor of new members to Immanuel, by Jan Johnshoy and John Toso. Flowers last week were given by Dick Sarafolean in honor of his daughter’s December 28th birthday.

Worship Leaders

January 14th, 2018

Assisting Minister   Kari Moeller
Readers   Ava Hansen (8), Peggy Johnson (10:30)
Communion Assistants    Nordphrey Mlangala, Tara Mattessich (8), Lee English, Nordphrey Mlangala (10:30)
Acolyte    Max Cordes (10:30)
Ushers     Jerry Sandahl, Judie Prayfrock (8), Ingrid Mundt, Jan Johnshoy (10:30)

2018 ALTAR FLOWER SIGN-UP To sign-up to provide altar flowers in 2018 please do so in the volunteer sign-up notebook.

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