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News and Notes June 17th, 2018


Take the opportunity to begin and end your day in prayer, remaining attentive to God’s gifts in your life.

The sunlight greets me in the morning, reminding me that I begin this day in your presence. The air I breathe instructs me that I live by your constant love. Lord, I acknowledge you are my God! I will seek your face in those I meet and make my aim to please and serve you alone, Jesus, my Lord. Amen.

The numerous stars shine the wonder of God whose grace is beyond measure; whisper to me your abundance grace, which sustains me. As I lay down my head, I recall Jesus saying that the Son of Man has no place to lay his head. I imagine Jesus being with those who look for a place to lay their heads. O God, I ask for your mercy and pray for the day when we all can sleep in shalom, trusting in your mysterious work through Jesus Christ, the Savior for all. Amen.

Reprinted by permission of Westminster John Knox Press from Feasting on the Word® Worship Companion, Copyright 2012.

Bags are available on the bookshelf under the bulletin board to take church with you on vacation, to the cabin or anywhere you go this summer. Each bag contains all you will need to worship together, with both “active” and “slow” devotions. Guides for each week of the summer will be posted on our website, ilcsp.org. Download it or print it and take church with you wherever you go!

June 18th -22nd, 9am-noon

Join us for a Rolling River adventure in a Northwoods-themed week. Hear stories about Mary and Martha, John the Baptist, Zacchaeus and Jesus’s disciples. Play games, make friends and craft souvenirs to remember the fun.
You still have time to sign up your kids, grandkids, friends, acquaintances and everyone else!
Registration is only $35, plus you get a $35 discount if you volunteer. Register at ilcsp.org/registration.

Contact Emily at eking@ilcsp.org or 651-699-5560

Calling all cooks and grill masters! Can you prepare one meal this summer for homeless youth? Immanuel will be providing meals each Thursday for 6 youth at Safe House, the LSS Emergency Shelter for Teens. You can cook the meal at home with your family and friends, and deliver it to Safe House (in Merriam Park). Use the online calendar service listed below to sign up to take meals to safe house:  https://www.carecalendar.org/logon/270838. If you have questions, contact Kim Thompson at k.thompson0331@gmail.com.

Security Code: 8751   Calendar ID: 270838

5:30 – 7:30 pm (or after work until everyone goes home)
Questions, call or text Kari Moeller at 651-792-5039 or Rhonda Tjaden at 651-324-0606

June 20th Bad Weather
414 – 7th St W
St. Paul, MN  55102
Phone: 651-207-6627

Friday, June 22nd 12:30 pm
This means soon to be 7th grade — graduating seniors Come bowling to celebrate the end of school and the start of summer fun. Meet at Immanuel at 12:30. Rides to bowling alley will be provided. We will get some pizza for lunch! We will return to Immanuel by 3PM.

Mark your calendars for two special dates:

  1. Thursday, June 21st, at 6:30pm is VBS Family Night! We’ll share music and snacks and participate in tried-and-true camping activities. No tent needed!
  2. Sunday, June 24th, at 9 am is our opportunity to share VBS songs with ILC’s congregation. Come at 8:45am to warm up.

June 26th – July 1st
Please keep those attending the summer youth trip in your prayers. 7 youth and 2 adults are traveling to Houston, TX for the ELCA’s national youth gathering. They will be leaving Tuesday June 26th and returning Sunday July 1. Pray for safe travels, deep learning and a lot of fun. If you see any of the attendees after they return, check in and ask them how the trip went! I am sure they will have great stories for you.

Youth attending:
Ava Hansen   Penelope Hansen   Rocky Robey   Jonah Engelking, Ingrid Mundt   Ellen Dufresne   Teddy Engelking

Adults attending:
Mark Thompson            Lori Dufresne

Immanuel's Music and Arts Camp logoMUSIC AND ARTS CAMP August 13th-17th, 2018
When we put on “New Glasses,” things look different.  We see the unexpected!  This summer our campers will “wear” different glasses that allow them to see people and situations as God does. Using their creativity and imaginations the children will look for ways to model the just peaceful and loving world that Jesus called for.

Immanuel’s Music and Arts camp is a weeklong day camp for children who have completed K-8th grades. You can register on Immanuel’s website, or pick up a registration form in the Gathering Space and place it in the Parish Administrator’s mailbox.  Space in electives is limited. The class for Kindergarten and first grade is full. Please contact Chris Cherwien to be put on a waiting list. More information at ilcsp.org.

We have funds available for full and partial scholarships!  All requests will be confidential.

Volunteers make this camp a success.  If you are willing to help us decorate, shepherd children during lunch, help at the registration table, or during recreation time please contact Chris Cherwien at ccherwien@ilcsp.org.

Community Events

Join the June meeting of the Synod Anti-Racism Workgroup
Thursday, June 21st, 7- 8:30pm, at Christ on Capitol Hill.
105 University Ave W. St. Paul

Our visitor will be Jaylani Hussein, Executive Director of CAIR Minnesota.  (CAIR = Council on American-Islamic Relations)

We look forward to sharing stories of visiting mosques through the Taking Heart Iftars (gatherings scheduled through June 7) and learning about the work of CAIR Minnesota, engaging in conversation with Jaylani around topics of seeing, naming and interrupting Islamophobia, and perhaps any lingering questions you have.

We will not be doing an Islam 101 session, so if you need to brush up, I recommend attending an Iftar and/or check out this online resource via the Pluralism project, out of Harvard.

In prep for our June gathering, I also recommend a recent Codeswitch podcast, “It’s Bigger than the Ban.” Listening to this podcast, I learned more about how the creation of whiteness in the U.S. was also Islamophobic, and the guest compared individual and systemic whiteness with individual and systemic Islamophobia.

Please invite friends and RSVP via email to Lynnette Zika lynnettezika@gmail.com so we know what size room we’ll need!

Other Activities

6-18       VBS (9 am), Scouts (6:30 pm)
6-19       VBS (9 am), Faith, Joy, Peace Circle (12 pm), Finance (6 pm), Council (7 pm)
6-20       VBS (9 am), Hope Circle (2:30 pm)
6-21       VBS (9 am), VBS Family Night (6:30 pm)
6-22       VBS (9 am)
6-24       Worship (9), Fellowship (10:15 am)

Remember in Prayer

We lift in prayer: Craig Fohrenkamm, Nilla Osten, Ken Fick, Kitty Larson, Rachel Husom, Megan Erie, Pastor John Lohre, Nathan Lee, Harvey Lilleodden, Ricky Garza, and our partner congregations: Mkimbizi Lutheran Church of Tanzania and Revelation Christian Center International.

ALTAR FLOWERS are given by Don Evans in memory of the June 21st birthday of his sister, Shirley Evans

Worship Leaders

June 24th, 2018

Assisting Minister   Shawna Boll (9)
Reader      Christine Danielson (9)
Communion Assistants     Christine, Loren Danielson (9)
Acolytes     Owen Helgeson (9)
Ushers       Curt Hogenson, Doug Wangensteen

Today              The Gathering Youth
June 24th         Men’s Club/Henry Seka
July 1st            The Jaeger’s
July 8th            Peggy Johnson, Lee English

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