Weekly News and Notes

News and Notes May 12th, 2019


Take the opportunity to begin and end your day in prayer, remaining attentive to God’s gifts in your life.

Morning: Holy God,
you have called a people to be your family
out of every tribe, language, and nation,
to live and serve you daily
in a world of beauty, complexity, and diversity.
Help us to honor and respect
the dignity of difference
as we seek to be one with you and each other
this day and always. Amen.

Evening: O Shepherd of all,
you have brought us to the close of another day;
for this gift and the blessings we now name,
we give you thanks…
All that we have and all the we are come from you;
and so, trusting in the goodness of your divine care,
let us lie down this night in peace,
that tomorrow we may rise to greet you in resurrection joy. Amen.

May 12th 9:20 am East Lounge
Today Creating Pollinator Gardens: 
Pollinators are responsible for 1 out of 3 bites of food we take each day. Yet pollinators are at critical point in their own survival. We know for certain, that more nectar and pollen sources provided by more flowering plants and trees will help improve their health and numbers. Increasing the number of pollinator-friendly gardens and landscapes will help revive the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators across the country.

Wednesday, May 15th 6:30 pm Music Room

If you are interested in this vital ministry to homebound members, see Jane Tripple and Elaine Jaeger.

You are invited to a cookout at Gay Bartholic’s home on Wednesday at 6:15 pm. Rides will leave the church at 6.

May 19TH, 2019

Our choirs and instrumentalists are so dedicated and talented. Each week they give hours preparing music to glorify God and enrich our worship.  Please plan to attend worship on May 19th! Our choirs will be singing and ringing at both services. This is a wonderful day to recognize them and thank them for their music!

Immanuel, part of an interfaith group called Interfaith Builders, is participating in a Habitat for Humanity build again this year. We are really looking for some new volunteers who can continue this valuable ministry in our community.
This year the dates are June 3-7 and 10-14 at 1025 Seminary Ave. in St. Paul. This is located South of Como Park. For more information and instructions for how to sign up, contact Sandi Butler (651-260-0691) or Sue Klevan (651-319-2234).

August 12-16, 2019

“You’ve Got This!” is the theme for our 5th music and arts camp!  Please save the date and help us get the word out.  Be sure to register early to ensure a spot and to get the electives of your choice.  This camp is for children who have completed K-8th grades. More information at ilcsp.org

Full and Partial Scholarships are available for Music and Arts Camp! We want children in our community to experience this creative week. If you know of anyone who needs a scholarship, please let Chris Cherwien know. All requests will be confidential.

 If you would like to sing or play in worship (either as a soloist or in an ensemble) during the summer months please let Chris Cherwien or Julie Lindorff know. They would be happy to help you select music or put an ensemble together. ccherwien@ilcsp.org. julielindorff@gmail.com

Immanuel Lutheran helps provide weekly dinners to the LSS Safe House for the summer. A safe place for homeless teens.

Please sign up to provide a meal for approximately 10 people and deliver it to the Safe House 1696 Dayton Ave. between 6:00 – 7:00 pm. You can bring whatever you would like i.e. spaghetti, tacos, sloppy joes etc., a vegetable, dessert.

Sign up: www.carecalendar.org, Calendar ID: 270838, Security Code: 8751  Questions: contact Kim Thompson k.thompson0331@gmail.com

Share God’s love with the homeless families served by Project Home. Volunteer to be an Evening or an Overnight host on a Friday night in June. Immanuel will partner with Messiah Episcopal on Ford Parkway to help host the homeless families served by Interfaith Action’s program, Project Home. See the display in the Gathering Space for more information.

Community Events

None this week.

Other Activities

5-13    LGBC Music Reh (12 pm), Scouts (6:30 pm), Scouts Parent Mtg (7 pm)
5-14    Staff Mtg (9:30 am)
5-15    Middle C’s (4:30 pm), Choristers (5:15 pm), Supper (6 pm), Kid’s Care (6:15 pm), Care Team (6:30 pm),
Confirmation (6:45 pm), Jubilate Ringers (6:45 pm), Cantorei (7:45 pm)
5-16    Improvers (9 am), LGBC Bible Study (6 pm),
5-18    Troop 90 Committee Mtg (7 am), Dorothy Day (8:30 am), LGBC Prayer Meeting (10 am)
5-19    Worship (8 and 10:30 am), Fellowship (9:15 am) The Rock Slinger and His Greatest Hits (9:15 am), No Sunday School, LGBC Worship (12:30 pm), Aliro Voices (6:30 pm)

Remember in Prayer

We lift in prayer: Craig Fohrenkamm, Ken Fick, Shirley Bethke, Mabel Pappenfus, Lynnette Zika, Nathan Lee, Ricky Garza, Natalie Baird, Jeff Christenson and his family, Andrea Kolaczkowski, Perry O’Toole, Drew Hippen, Mike McCann, and our partner congregation: Mkimbizi Lutheran Church of Tanzania and brothers and sisters in Christ in Guatemala, and Living Gospel Believers Church, MN.

ALTAR FLOWERS are given by Jody Dahl, in honor of my mother, Audrey. Happy Mother’s Day!

Worship Leaders

May 19th, 2019

Assisting Minister        Tori Doll
Readers   Dave Alstead (8), Chillon Leach (10:30)
Communion Assistants       Andy Urness, JoAnn Hogenson (8), Claire Taylor-Sherman, Berit Nelson (10:30)
Acolyte    Haven Purviance (10:30)
Ushers     Jeanette Wermager, Andy Urness (8), Harvey Jaeger, Kristin Payne, Kelley and John Wells

Today        Social Action
May 19th   Jane Tripple, Kathy Raiter, Jeanette Wermager, Judie Prayfrock–celebrating Post Secondary graduates and George Koerner’s 95th birthday.

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