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News and Notes October 8th, 2017


Take the opportunity to begin and end your day in prayer, remaining attentive to God’s gifts in your life.

Morning Holy One, thank you for the gift of this new day. Help me to stay attentive to your creation and mindful of your teachings as I travel through it. Empower me to see and spread the good news of your grace for all people. Amen.

Evening Holy One, thank you for gift of today. Thank you for all the ways that I saw your glory and learned your teachings, beyond speech and words, in the course of this day. As I drift to sleep this night, draw me closer to you, my rock and my redeemer. Amen.

Reprinted by permission of Westminster John Knox Press from Feasting on the Word® Worship Companion, Copyright 2012.

Today:            Camp Ministries, Immanuel Youth
It was a busy summer for our Youth. Hear about time at Good Earth Village and the Boundary Waters as they share their experiences with you.

Oct. 15: Pr. Cindy’s Sabbatical Highlights 
You have been asking for it, and here is a chance to see and hear about many of the things that Pastor Cindy experienced during her sabbatical.

Oct. 22: No Adult Forum

The daily devotionals for October – December can be found on the bookshelf under the bulletin board.

November 4th, 8:30 am
The annual Rake-a-thon sponsored by Immanuel’s Care Team, will be held Saturday morning, November 4th. Sign up to rake a yard. This is a fantastic family event. Many hands make light work. Have fun working in the fall leaves. We will begin with a light breakfast at the church, and then go to homes. A signup sheet will be available in the Gathering Space notebook for those who can help. For more information or if you would like to have your lawn raked or know of someone that needs their lawn raked, please contact Kay Draine, 651-690-3538, Elaine Jaeger, 651-227-5507 or Jane Tripple, 651-644-8411.

1st & 2nd graders should bring their parents with them to Sunday School on Oct. 8th & 15th for these special parent/child communion classes. Each grade receives 2 weeks of communion instruction each year during Sunday School, regardless of when a child begins receiving communion.

November 5th   
We remember with thanksgiving those who have joined the saints and angels in heaven.  Our service will begin with a time of prayer and the lighting of the candles for our members who have died this year. There will be a special insert listing all those we remember, even someone that passed in precious years. If you have a name to be added, please share it with Russ in the office (651-699-5560 or via email at rcarlson@ilcsp.org) by noon on Wed., November 1st.  (It does not have to be a member.)

Looking to re-energize your group, bring joy to others or make an impact on your community? The ILC Foundation has up to $3,000 available in 2017, to help you and others achieve something GREAT! Below are a couple examples of ideas that the Foundation has supported in past years as Bright Idea Grants.

  • Music & Arts Camp received support from the Foundation to help start a new summer opportunity for the youth in our congregation and community.
  • The Foundation provided funding so that two Immanuel members could attend leadership training to deepen their awareness on racial inequities. The tools and skills obtained equipped them to move from awareness to advocacy and action.
  • When the Prayerful Pantry started six years ago, a Bright Ideas grant was used for start-up costs and a kick-off potluck. The Prayerful Pantry offers meal coordination for Immanuel families at times when having a homemade meal delivered to the doorstep can show support and make life a little easier. Families who have a new baby, experienced loss, or a big life transition are offered meals.

These are just a couple examples of people and groups that completed a simple grant request form and saw their idea turn into a bright reality. Talk with your peers and your church groups and see if you can turn your ideas into a BRIGHT one! If you have questions about the grant application process and funding guidelines, please contact Heather Cordes (cordes4@gmail.com) or Sara Dreke Eyre (saradrekeeyre@gmail.com). We will happily assist you through the process.

The ILC Foundation was established in 1991 upon receiving a substantial member bequest to create a foundation to provide scholarships to Immanuel youth attending a Lutheran college or university. The Foundation has evolved to now provide three buckets of support: Idea Grants, Scholarships, and Hunger/Poverty financial support. Donations to the Foundation are welcome and appreciated and will be used to further support those three missions. Please contact President Lori Dufresne (lori.dufresne@mac.com) with any questions about the Foundation

In 1517 Martin Luther posted his treatise, “On the Freedom of a Christian”, on the church door in Wittenberg.  The Reformation begun by Luther did not abandon the theological, sacramental, and liturgical traditions of the church.  It sought to reform them so that the gospel would shine through all the church does.  Since the beginning of the Lutheran Reformation to this day, there have been twenty-six thousand Sundays to proclaim the gospel and share in the gracious presence of Christ in the communion meal. How many souls have heard the good news because of what happened 500 years ago?  How many hearts have been transformed? Celebrate the impact of the Lutheran Reformation on real lives of ordinary people over time and place through word and sacrament.  Brass, bells and choirs will lead our worship at both 8:00 & 10:30.

Community Events

Food that makes cents
Are you looking for a way to stretch your grocery dollar and help others at the same time?
Fare For All is open to everyone and is a non-profit, community-supported program. Fare For All sells packages of fresh fruits, vegetables, and frozen meals. There is no need to register in advance. For more information, there are flyers on the kiosk. Please take one.

October 12th, 7 pm, History Center at Historic Fort Snelling
The First Invasion – Operation Torch (noting 75th Anniversary)
Vincent O’Hara, author of Torch and Tim Brady, author of His Father’s Son along with veterans will discuss the politics and naval and ground operations in the most complicated landing operation in the early war period.

Sunday, October 15th, 4 – 5:30 pm
Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Dale and Iglehart.

Wednesday, Oct 25th, 5:30 – 7:30 pm
Gethsemane Lutheran Church and School
2410 Stillwater Road, Maplewood
For more information, see the flyer on the kiosk or visit on line at: geth.org.

October 27th and 28th
*Join in presentations and workshops Friday and Saturday, (10/27-10/28) by more than 25 theologians and musicians on Luther Seminary campus.
*Attend a performance on Friday evening (10/27) by the National Lutheran Choir of “Holy Spirit Mass” a new coral work commissioned for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation at the Basilica of Saint Mary.
*Worship on Saturday afternoon (10/28) at Central Lutheran Church with ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton preached and massed choirs from area churches.
REGISTER NOW http://lutherseminary.regfox.com2017-reformation-festival.
To learn more, check out the flyer on the kiosk.

World Premiere: Holy Spirit Mass
October 27, 2017 – 8 pm
Basilica of Saint Mary, Minneapolis
October 29, 2017 – 4 pm
Ordway Concert Hall, St. Paul

Season Passes and tickets at NLCA.com

Annual Fall Bazaar
Saturday, October 28th, 9 am – 3 pm
For more information about this event, please see the flyer on the kiosk.

499 Charles Ave, St. Paul
Saturday, Nov. 4th, 9 am – 3 pm
For more information about this event, please see the flyer on the kiosk.

Other Activities

10-9    Grace Circle (9:30 am), Scouts (6:30 pm), Troop 90 Parents Meeting (7 pm)
10-10  Messenger Deadline, Staff Meeting (9:30 am)
10-11  Middle C’s (4:30 pm), Choristers (5:15 pm), Supper (6 pm), Kid’s Town (6:15 pm), Kid’s Clubhouse (6:30 pm), Confirmation (6:45 pm), Jubilate Ringers (6:45 pm), Cantorei (7:45 pm)
10-12  Improvers (9 am), Stewardship (7 pm)
10-15  Worship (8 am), Fellowship (9:15 am), Sunday School (9:15 am), Adult Forum (9:20 am), Worship (10:30 am)

Remember in Prayer

We lift in prayer: Craig Fohrenkamm, Michael Thorson, Don Anderson, Bob Lyksett, Nilla Osten, Jane Lilleodden, Ken Fick, Mary Fashner, Wayne Thompson, Kitty Larson, Richard Nelson, Russ Carlson, Pastor John Lohre, Nathan Lee, Ellie Czeck, Rachel Farnsworth, and our partner congregations: Mkimbizi Lutheran Church of Tanzania and Revelation Christian Center International.

ALTAR FLOWERS are from the Stewardship Committee, "In grateful celebration of our ongoing stewardship in Christ. Many gifts, one spirit."

IMMANUEL KEEPS all the victims and families of the Las Vegas shooting in prayer.

Worship Leaders

October 15th, 2017

Assisting Minister   David Stark
Readers   Ron Struss (8), Alice Stark (10:30)
Communion Assistants   Stacey Von Wald, Dave Alstead (8), Gregg, Chris Knopff (10:30)
Acolytes   Kiera Kelly, Isabella Arco (10:30)
Ushers      Jerry Sandahl, Judie Prayfrock (8), Scott, Natalie & Wesley Norquist, Doug Wangensteen (10:30)

Today            Stewardship
Oct. 15th        Social Action
Oct. 22nd       Judy Prayfrock, Kathy Raiter, Jeanette Wermager, Jane Tripple
Oct. 29th        Kari Moeller and Lisa Struss

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